intermission feedback and idea

I have no problem with intermission, its been in every halo. But one problem I do have is the fact that its to long. Its to late for the beta, but for the final release can you add a “vote to shorten intermission” button. And for everyone who votes to shorten, it will lower the countdown by a few seconds. Does that sound fair?

Its only this long because of the Beta, and the way XboxOne works, so don’t worry to much about it. The long matchmaking times, at this point have got to be a compatibility issue with XboxOne and the games on it.

I hope so. I love the beta but it was just getting so annoying having to wait so long to get into games.

the intermission probably won’t seem too long once the final game is released, and you will actually have things to look at, such as more armor customization and stuff… i just don’t like how it does the intermission, then searches for players, should find players while intermission is counting down, so you don’t sit through the intermission, then have to sit there for another long time waiting for the game to find players…