intergrating skulls with matchmaking

ok we have seen it with firefight, what about match making?

Say players could vote at the start of the round after the map had been chosen, on what skulls could be enabled for that particular game. And then there could be skulls that could be turned on all the time, ones that only effect the player and not a game.

menu for global skulls that effect the player only:
-Black eye(shields don’t recharge unless melee)
-cloud(motion sensor disabled)
-famine(weapons drop %50 less ammo)
-blind(HUD is disabled)
-no skulls

voting Menu after map has been selected in matching making(affects all players and gameplay)
-Cowbell(3X explosion acceleration)
-Blind (HUD is disabled)
-Mythic (double every ones melee and damage resistant)
-famine (all weapons drop %50 less ammo)
-Cloud (no radar)
-No skulls activated

example 1: you (the player) could have a global blind skull on, go into a game with no game-specific skulls activated and only have your hud disabled

example 2: you (the player) could have a global black eye skull on, go into a game and players vote for the cloud skull to be activated, meaning every one would have no radar, and only you(the player) would have the black eye skull enabled

Im not sure if this would be balanced or not, maybe a separate playlist or gametype named mythic or only just my idea of global skulls not skulls that effect all players in the game.

Maybe a playlist with the rules that, the more kills the more skulls get activated
starting from least effective(no radar) to most effective(shields only recharge after beat downs) OR start with all skulls on and with each kill a different skull gets removed.

just a thought i think more fun things can be done with the effects of skulls