Interference Event error: not leveling after challenge completed

The system states: I will not be penalized if I leave the game. After completing my tasks, it refuses to level up my challenge progression for Interference.

Who do I have to notify to fix this bug and get the progression I earned?

The match needs to end. If you leave one in progress and que up again, you’ll lose the progress (I think). This is how it’s worked in my experience.

So yeah, you can leave and your challenges WILL update.
Just so long as you wait until… The match ends. Which you’ll have to guess.

Competent development of new game modes, in 2022 you say?

God, that’s frustrating. I’d started to wonder if that was the case, and if that IS the case, then what’s the yoinking point of leaving early?! If I flub my chances and get knocked out early, I still want to be playing, and don’t really have a vested interest in seeing who wins the match (I do like to watch if I ended up in like the last five players though)

Anyway… they really, REALLY need to hire permanent full time development team instead of temporary contractors for this game if they want to stop -Yoink!- people off. Because that’s the only way I see them actually making solid improvements to the game instead of implementing broken crap they they have to scramble to fix when everyone gets mad. I’m getting really tired of this cycle.

This was the thread that I found out about it in, maybe it can tell you more. I agree 100%

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You can start another game and it will catch up from the previous game.

There are some things that require you to stay to completion of a game or restart Halo Infinite in order for them to finally show up. Everything is tracked.

I noticed that kills updated after quitting the Last Spartan Standing game. Points wouldn’t update right away but they updated when I quit the next Last Spartan Standing game (The previous games points would show up). Things like Event unlocks and Battle Pass unlocks seemed to require me to restart my game in order to update.

If you aren’t seeing something that you think you should see, try playing any game all the way to completion and then restart your game. Everything should all catch up at that point.

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It’s not updated yet, because since that match ended your event pass has not got an update yet.

You are right that you can leave early if you are eliminated (although i did notice that on sited that track your stats it will count as an DNF), but the progression only get added after the match is completely over.

But the challenge system, battle pass and event pass still have to get a trigger to update first before you can see it there. How can you do that:

  • Battle pass: complete a match or restart your game
  • Challenge system: complete a match (since that finishes a daily task) or restart your game
  • Event pass: complete another event challenge without ending early or restart your game.