Interesting video on Pro Gaming

For those of you who don’t frequent HBO, here is an excellent video that gives an excellent summary of the obstacles facing Pro Gaming.

Very excellent.

Indeed. Perhaps “pro gamers” should watch it. So much truth.

That was confirming, thank you :slight_smile:

Those were all very good points.

Excellent video!

Excellent video thanks for the link.

Very interesting video. It made some very good points.

Now, if we could only make it mandatory to watch it before posting in the Halo 4 section… :stuck_out_tongue:

> Now, if we could only make it mandatory to watch it before posting in the Halo 4 section… :stuck_out_tongue:

Too logical…

Thanks for that

> Very interesting video. It made some very good points.
> Now, if we could only make it mandatory to watch it before posting in the Halo 4 section… :stuck_out_tongue:

Cookie for you sir.

Was this video made Before SC2 or After Sc2 because Starcraft 2 (LoL as well) has put e-sports on a whole nother level of popularity and monetary gain than it was before. I can only imagine if some big developer who is willing to back their title (Hold tourneys, interact with the community, make it spectator friendly) actually tried to make a competitive FPS specifically targeting e-sports and made their intentions clear just like Blizzard did with Starcraft, the room for growth and monetary gain could be HUGE seeing as how everyone and their mother plays a FPS nowadays and the e-sports industry is just waiting for the next big competitive FPS before all the core FPS gamers bandwagon on it. Like seriously If I was a developer targeting esports I would say “If you like competitive FPS, you are going to want to buy my -Yoinking!- game with you’re support its going to be huge” that would definitely draw some major attention and make people take notice.

SCII is a high strategy and low precision game, nearly the opposite of Halo.
SCII offers a depth and balance nearly unmatched… Mostly due to constant support from the developer. And by depth and balance, I mean the game offers a wide array of strategies to win and features an extremely high risk vs reward system.
MMROPG’s and RTS’s have been E-sports in Korea for years and SCII was aimed at them first :slight_smile:
And lastly, compared to an FPS, RTS’s are more introductory.

But a point made that you missed is that PA does claim E-sports need a standardised game that audiences can cling to.
And that’s what MLG wants to do with Halo, in its honest to god heart, MLG wants something for all to love as much as they do.
But near complete standardisation is something videogames don’t do, they are a constant evolution of visual and input possibilities that leads to a constant change of the immersive intent of the medium… Xbox from the Island IS the future of Kinect.

Unfortunately different genres have different lifespans for individual titles and the FPS market is as competitive as the right to be on the live circuit for MLG is.
(Thank Activision for milking expansions as full titles for that one, thank MS and H3: ODST for opening the door on the consoles by giving an expansion campaign and same MP for full price, only Activision did that better :slight_smile:
And some players seem to think that a similar game released 3 to 4 years in a row is different than 1 game released and supported for 3-4 years with updates and tweaks.
But I swear that if it wasn’t for the deconstructive criticisms by many within the influential parts of MLG: Halo, the fanbase of MLG: Halo would not have dispersed as it has.

Now that isn’t to say Halo has to be MLG: Halo and vice versa.
As long as MLG: Halo has the tools to make a standardised version of their game, which they’ve had since the TU (and Frankie GAVE them a lot of CEA codes as further showing of support), MLG: Halo should be able to sell itself, it HAS TO sell itself.

With the tools given to them, they have to find a way to do what the other part of the video calls for, the organization and its user-base to make the concessions to draw in more fans.
You call it “nOObifying” when it occurs to videogames, others call it expanding the audience.
In reality there’s a constant showing that many who support MLG feel that the players should build the sport, but in reality its the consumer who tells the players how to play.
And MLG: Halo is never going to expand its fanbase as long as it caters to only those that agree with the players.
Worse yet, as long as the attitude is held that those that suck shouldn’t play and not be listened to, you’ll never gain from the more general audience another point made in the video, those that feel they can never achieve greatness by still try for it.
You’ve already told them to give up because they suck because they’re new. The encouragement from the ones they must first compete within the community they’re suppose to be welcomed into is excused because “it’s part of the game.”
Bullying and tournament intimidation are two separate things and something the Pros aren’t fighting to distinguish. They’re not making many new friends because their roadies are keeping them at bay.

So I do agree… What do do?