Interesting Thing about the Forums

While there may be some things that could use some fixing, I feel that 343 has done a good job for the task they were given. I feel like a lot of players are just fine with the current way the game is played, although I’m sure everyone has one or two suggestions to make the game better. That said, I think that a very vocal minority is turning this forum into a ragefest…a good amount of topics I see are “Halo 4 Sucks” or “Why won’t they do this, they are ruining the game”. Most people are not complaining about how the game is played, and they are certainly not taking to the forums to rage about it. Not to be political, but it seems to me that this is the current problem we have in America right now, with vocal minorities driving both political parties farther and farther away from the middle…there’s no compromise, just like on the forums. I think if the people on the forums would just calm down and try to be constructive and understand that 343 is doing the best they can, this game would be better for everyone