Interesting Plot Consideration

Hey guys, I’m brand new to this forum but a veteran of Halo, so forgive me if this particular topic has already been discussed.

I was just curious to see what the community would think about the possibility of Chief having to fight (and maybe “kill”) Cortana. Halo games have never shied away from killing off characters, and you have to admit that it would create a ridiculously emotional moment after 4+ games of her involvement.

Canonically, it even makes sense. While her commitment to the Chief is undeniable, her instability and looming rampancy make the idea of her “betrayal” plausible. Considering the apparent technical prowess of the Promethean forces, it isn’t too far fetched to consider a plot line in which Chief’s new nemesis turns Cortana against him.

Would this scenario be interesting to you as a fellow Halo fan? Or are you content to have the Promethean’s serve as the primary antagonists for the foreseeable future?

This has been considered, but mostly like she will stay around till Halo 6. I don’t think 343i would kill off Cortana that quickly. She is partly what makes the campaign what it is.

I can’t imagine such a scenario happening in Halo 4, I was leaning more towards “introduce the idea in 5, see it come to fruition in 6”. But, since it has been discussed, I’ll stop beating a dead horse. My bad

It’s fine. At least you were considering it. Some topics just have been talked to death. Please don’t bring up anything about sprint or jetpack, these are topics getting on peoples nerves.

hahaha gotcha, I spent enough time on B.Net to recognize a trap thread when it comes up. Thanks for being civil

Everyone’s ideal way for Cortana to die seems to always be at Chief’s hands, after she goes completely rampant and she needs to put her out of her misery. Personally, I think it would be much more interesting if Cortana died saving the Chief. John has always been the one to save her. He would be the guns; she would be the brains. In this scenario, Cortana comes to the full fruition of her rampancy, she would break protocol in a fit of emotion and self-realization (as is common in the rampancy of AIs) just to save John.

Such a scenario would ideally begin if she was expected to complete a “certain task” which would stop the enemy, but after seeing the enemy beginning to swarm the chief in unstoppable numbers, she would divert her attention away from the mission and help save the chief. However, doing so would allow the enemy to impede her efforts and destroy her. As John finds her, he would see her apologize and state her final words. He would then be fully pumped to defeat the enemy once and for all.

That’s how I would like to see things end for Cortana.