Interesting ODST find

This isn’t actually in the games, but a product.
I noticed that on the Halo 3: ODST controller a very familiar symbol. The symbol is to the left of the Back button.
After doing a little bit of research, I found out that the symbol is from Project GUNGNIR. Here is GUNGNIR’s symbol.
The Project GUNGNIR was designed to provide supplementary material for Spartans. The project developed the Spartan Laser and the GUNGNIR armor (which I believe are supposed to be together.)
So why is the GUNGNIR symbol on the ODST controller?
Dutch does use the Spartan Laser in the game. And from what I believe the ODST project has some relation to Project ORION, which was later renamed Spartan-I project.

Does anybody else have an explanation why the symbol is on the controller?

maybe the same materials from the project were used to make this controller…

bungie probably had an idea and it got scrapped and then later put into reach as a new helmet/armor, its not uncommon for scrapped ideas to be recycled into newer games. What you are seeing is probably back story (more then likely what happened) bungie one day just said "we should through some sort of backstory filler in " 1 year later "we should take this idea and put it in reach somewhere, boom done.

There are plenty of Reach stuff in ODST. You just have to look around. But that is a really good find.

I actually own that controller and have noticed that symbol on it as well. Didn’t really give it much thought, I just blew it off thinking that the symbol was placed there not realizing it had nothing to do with ODST. Just sort of a filler to give the controller that much more of a unique design? Didn’t really think it served much significance.