Interesting Loadouts

What load-out combinations have you found to be helpful? List all items in load-out and what situations it would come in handy. Looking for variety, not just classes to get yourself more kills. Maybe something to help assist, heal, stay alive, be evasive, or anything that makes the game more interesting.

I’ve been using a regen build alot. It’s actually pretty crazy, as soon as you take damage you instantly start regaining shields, so if the other person misses any shots (or waits too long before shooting again) they just lost a ton of ground on you. Have a battle-buddy running around with you, 2 people with instant shields can face some nasty opposition and still come out on top.

I go DMR, Boltshot/Magnum (still undecided), Pulse (I like stripping shields), Regen Field, Shielding (aa efficiency was my second choice), and Dexterity (if only I could do ammo+dex, lol).

I’m sure you could come up with some complimenting loadouts that work great for a battle-buddy to have if he sticks with you, but I haven’t thought it out that far yet.