Interesting information found in audio files

So one of my absolutely favorite things about this game are the personal AI units that you can equip to your spartan. The one that I use is Circ, and honestly ive laughed so hard at some of the things she says its sad. So Ive been wanting to make some notification ringtones for my phone of her quotes. So I went on youtube and downloaded a collection of all of her lines. While listening to it to pull clips. I found some really interesting things that she says that may lead to different game modes for us to look forward to. Theres quotes in there for an infected mode and others that I didnt even know were there.

If you want to check it out for yourselves. go to youtube and search for…
circ halo infinite no background sound

Here’s a quick link for those interested

3:53 and 12:44 for momma circ :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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Thank you for the link. I wasn’t able to cause I’m not old enough lol

These are great :rofl: Lumu had me dying during the flights. Too bad she’s gated at like level 58 or something in the BP.

Actually anyone can do it just gotta press the button that looks like this < / >

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Ah. That makes much more sense

I’m listening to lumus lines and holy -Yoink!- some of her lines which sounds like she says when you are a zombie are creepy as -Yoink!-


Right! It’s crazy some of the lines that are in these

I liked when she said something along the lines of losing points from your license for getting splatter medals. And an evil laugh upon equipping a SPNKr had me :rofl:

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