interesting effects of this odd no req thing..

i know having reqs other than a load-out is great, but since we seem to be dealing with a “thingo” at the moment, has anyone else seen a shift in game play style? i have seen teamwork like never before. And ive only seen one player under level 78! are all the main accounts comming out to play to prove that they are good with basic reqs? hell i was in a team that did a defend the garage on arc with only basic loadouts… i know i stepped up my game! seeing 7 other peeps hitting (as in physicaly hitting, not going to) is kinda funny.

I’ve been screaming for a while that reqs are what’s wrong with warzone. Last night the no reqs games I played were the most balanced and close games I’ve played in a long time. Large fireteams didn’t ruin warzone, OP reqs did. No req warzone is fun.

Guess it’s a good time for my 2 week break from halo. Keep form burning out:)
Tho kinda sounds fun. But I have piles of req to burn up.

I had it happen to me a little while back and I must say I agree that the team worked together like never before. No selfish plays, excellent communication, and good old stand up fire fights. Seemed like everyone was always looking out for each other, something you rarely see in this game.

Maybe 343 could add no REQ Warzone.