List your favourite armor combos.

And also, PREFECT or MARK V? Take your pick.

Since I got the Champions Bundle I also got some armor skins with it includeing a set of
Venater helmet BYNT
Venater torso BYNT
Venater shoulders BYNT
Outerplate forearms BYNT
And also a legs armor (I forgot the name) BYNT
BYNT means Bayonet.

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You have the GOTY edition coming out soon which comes with the pre order content and whatever LCE content means as well, more info on the GOTY edition is supposibly coming tomorrow from pax, so more info to come, but on to your topic.

My spartan

Helmet: Mark VI
Torso: Rogue (focus varient)
Shoulders: EVA (breach varient)
Forearms: XV-27 Shifting (solid varient)
Legs: LG-50 Bulk (column varient)
Visor: Legendary

I like to mix thing up a little :wink: but in all seriousness, when I first combined eva breach, rogue and mark vi for the first time, it just stuck with me and I loved it, plus it brings out a little more blue among the white which is also nice, and when I unlocked rogue focus and got xv-27 shifting solid and lg-50 bulk column in the championship bundle, i put it all together and vallah! Haha

I like mixing Raider DISTORT with Hazop FOREST.