#Interested in Roleplay Community?

Hey Everybody! Recently I started a forum board dedicated to providing a fun, organised roleplaying experience within the Halo Universe. I’d like to extend an invitation to everbody with a passion for Halo and roleplay to come along and check it out here.

Important And don’t forget to register for full access to the forum!

Halo: Ascension Rp

But what is Roleplaying Eternus? Well that’s simple, think of Machinima, now remove the script. And that’s essentially roleplaying for you, create a character whom you act as. This could be whatever you want the character to be, A Marine, ODST, fearless Sangheili or fearsome Jiralhanae warrior, cowardly grunt that grovels at the feet of his foes, Cloak & Dagger ONI Operative Etc.

You can create just about any character you want within reason and respect to the Halo Universe and rules of the Ascension Board. BTW, the opening setting of the Rp is the 28th of October 2552 (SMC), the Battle of Earth