Interactive Maps?

First, let me say that the map selection in Halo 4 is probably the best since Halo 2, but I feel like it’s missing something critical.


Remember how on Zanzibar you could drop the upper walkway, open the gate, shoot down the window shields, etc?

Or High Ground’s main gate and ventilation shaft?

Or on Standoff (Think that’s what it was called) you could shut the blast windows?

What happened to this level of interactivity?

I feel like you could have a map with a giant bunker in the middle, and in the bunker there is an uplink with a Covenant orbital bombardment. When activated, you have a minute and a half to get into the bunker as the blast doors slowly start to shut. Anyone caught outside would be killed in the following explosions. You could even have the map be transformed and glassed after if you wanted to be really creative.

The point I’m trying to make here is less arena maps, and more levels brought to life.

Yeah, I miss that feature 2, but I don’t think they’ll bring it back… I think the last Map which featured this Function was Off-Shore in Halo 3… there wasn’t even a Single Reach Map with Interactivity… :confused:

Ahhh Waterworks. If you were in a toug spot because of a Scorpion, you could knock a stalagmite down.