Insurrectionists in Firefight?

My lore knowledge might be a bit off, but werent the spartans originally created to fight off an insurrection. Is it still going on? And if it is, can 343 put them in firefight.
To be honest my 2 reasons for this are
a) I am the leader of a spartan company, and we need more marine kills. So i was lookin for an easier way to get those lol
b) We have soldier hijackers that use warthogs. Is it that hard to plop a marine with a new paint job into one of those.

The only reason why not is because this game is rated Teen. And killing Humans instead of aliens or prometheans in a video game is “mature”. But this is Halo. And Halo has been brutal over the years. From assassinations, to playing as the guy who led the forces on Installation 04, to most recently punting a grunt off a cliff. So 343 pls put Insurrectionists into Halo 5.

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Yes that is correct Spartans are originally use to deal rebels. I’m no lore master but I’m sure that’s what Spartans are originally use for. If we put Innies in firefight, in my eyes I’m just fighting reskinned marines that are there to kill you.

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