Insurrection/terrorism stories or lack thereof

Maybe I’m just a little more attuned to this sort of thing given where I’ve spent the last five months, but has anyone else noticed a distinct lack of stories dealing with the pre covenant era? The whole insurrection period is interesting to me not only because it gave birth to the Spartans, but because of the parallels to what we’re dealing with today. Having spent the last four or five months (I don’t really keep track of time anymore) in Afghanistan with the US Army fighting against Taliban or Hig or whoever we piss off on a given day, I’ve found myself wondering how the UNSC would have combatted the insurrectionists. Would they have used mobile strike groups or stationary groups providing security for the colonists? This might not be such an interesting question to most people, but I think it’s a valid one. What are your thoughts on the matter?

Halo wars maybe the only game with rebels in it. but the book fall of reach includes master chief and his missions as a young spartan

It doesn’t really parallel what is going on today IMO, it parallels when the English colonies fought to be free from England because the people who lived in England could vote in parliament, so they had more “power” just like how those colonies are fighting to be free because earth has more power.

I know this is off topic but goo how did you get that pic ive seen it around for sometime

Be part of the form before they shut it down back on December 15 2010.

isnt it still running though

Not the forms.