Instead of weak weekly ultimate rewards, why not just give players a full bundle as the weekly reward?

The Weekly Ultimate Reward is often… something lackluster. An emblem sticker, a backdrop, or even a minor armor coating.

These are boring and give players hardly any motivation to grind for these “exclusive items”.

Why not instead just make one of the legendary and epic bundles that bounce around occasionally in the shop, a free to obtain bundle for those who grind through the weekly challenges to obtain?

For example, when the Stormfall Bundle could be a Weekly Ultimate reward a few weeks after it has been a slot in the item shop. So those that don’t spend money on the game can still unlock cosmetics, while those who are impatient would still spend money to obtain said bundle when it rolls into the shop once again?


I fully expected full armor sets as weekly rewards. At this point tho, that’d be a dramatic change so I’m doubtful it’ll happen.

But you’re right. That’s the move. For me personally, my weekly game time def spikes when the reward is worth it. And frankly, it mostly isn’t.


This is a great idea. Make it so that you can purchase bundles, but individual items of those bundles also become weekly rewards. I don’t think full bundles should become weekly rewards, but it should be 10 times better than a crappy emblem.

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Personally, I think the best thing would be to make the weekly rewards just be credits. It wouldn’t even have to be that much. People could then save up credits to buy whatever they want in the shop.

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I think we should combine those ideas:

  • finishing the ultimate challenge (completing everything) gives you the weekly prize wich is either an armour cosmetic (visor, attachments, armour colour, helmet, etc.)
  • finishing a normal weekly challenge gives you some credits. Lets say 10 credits (wich makes it 200 in total per week).

Since the challenges are extremely time consuming and a lot of players don’t even have the time to complete them all, it would still grant them a reward for finishing as much challenges as possible and therefor would’t make it a waist of time of they couldn’t complete everything.

Other option is that you get sets, where it is distributed within the challenges. For instance if you have a full set of nameplate and emblems for that week, then it is:

  • complete 5 challenges: vehicle emblem
  • complete 10 challenges: weapon emblem
  • complete 15 challenges: armour emblem
  • complete ultimate challenge: nameplate
    In that way you also get a portion if you are not able to complete all challenges.

For armour cosmetics you then also have to do sets of 4 things (for instance left shoulder piece, right shoulder piece, chest piece and visor/armour colour or something like that).


a full set of gear that we can earn via jumping through hoops and loops…as agonising as that sound’s, I’d do it

hell we technically already do this whenever theres an event on, jumping through hoops to get the gear of the event.

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I really like your ideas. That would be a cool and rewarding concept.

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why = money

20 cartooons


I think they should do that but for later seasons.

So you have a chance and enjoy the content in the store early if you pay for it, or you can wait a few seasons for it to appear in the challenges and grind for it.

Both ways, 343 wins.


Honestly, I at least expected more armor pieces and shaders as weekly rewards in general.

But no, they had to break up and use the same emblem Jpeg for like 3-4 different weeks, just so you can put it in a different spot each week. Hooray!

I want Zvezda to return to store so I can get it. :grin:

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Well, here’s something out of left field. What if, instead of things like armor, we make the weekly rewards 1000 CRs or as a better deal 2500 CRs? It should be enough to help us buy a battle pass (both versions) or a plethora of content that will ultimately just be in the store anyways. It’s perfect for filler content.

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why = because they can charge for it instead and keep siphoning money from their playerbase, they’ve already shown us they don’t care about our opinions, just our wallets.
Absolutely open to being proven wrong.
But every step of the way this sentiment is seemingly reinforced.

Admittedly, not one of my best ideas. But if I were to try to be more creative, the 343 managers’ brains would probably explode from their inability to think outside the box. And even their goal of trying to maximize their income seems to be flawed, since they’re just rehashing old content from previous weeks in the store.

I remember when someone from 343 said on twitter that the workflow that they went with in Halo 5: Guardians was absolute hell. Now they’re doing the exact opposite, which equally is Sh**ty for us.

Hmmmm Firefall and that neon set here I come!!

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Y 20?

I don’t mind spending $20 a month on a game I enjoy. I mean, I could be smoking with that 20.
But 343 isn’t giving me anything to enjoy that will want me spend my money, OR anything I would enjoy is so bloody expensive I can’t really justify spending that 20 on so few things.

Like I would like that snowbird coating to come back as I love using the wasp, but I already bought a coating vehicle set and I can’t really justify the purchase if I did come back in the store at the current price, FOMO or not.

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