Instead of MTX How about unique DLC?

Ok so we’re all willing to pay for MCC DLC right? Like let’s say new maps for H2A, and stuff like that?

Well here’s what I propose:

  1. 20$ DLC Forge for CE one time purchase, unlocks Forge mode for Halo CE

  2. 20$ DLC Forge for H2C, one time purchase, unlocks Forge for Halo 2 Classic

  3. 30$ ODST Multiplayer Expansion, one time purchase, adds multiplayer to ODST (Who WOULDN’T be willing to pay for this?)

  4. 10$ Weapon pack DLCs for every game in the collection as a one time purchase per pack adding in entirely new weapons to the games, like the Beam Rifle in Reach.

The only way to access these weapons would be to play with someone who has the packs purchased and is using them.

If 343 is really strapped for cash, this is the way to go, especially with the weapon packs, because there could be new weapon packs every few months. Drop the idea of MTX and go back to DLC, that’s how Halo SHOULD be.

EDIT: Before anyone says anything about DLCs, I’d rather a split community, than a dusted one, MTX always result in the later.

They are not. Microsoft is a trillion dollar company, they could stand to let the MCC remain as is. The expansions you proposed are haphazard and well kinda bastardize the original feel of the games. CE and H2C already have their editing kits released which aren’t paywalled and allow for greater content creation then forge could hope for. Multiplayer ODST sounds silly as well as a custom games only weapon pack. All these expansions could be mocked up with the mod tools for free.

I don’t think there is anything 343 could offer as paid content when they’ve released the editing kits which can generate potentially infinite features and expansions. At no cost I might add (besides purchasing the game).

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With how mod-friendly 343 is being (the one thing I can give them kudos on) CE and H2C Forge are kind of pointless. And a weapon pack? Not sure. The ODST multiplayer would be great, however. I think $30 is a bit steep but that’s just a nitpick.

I’d rather just new map packs. With new assets and new Forge items that go with them.

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Forge would mainly be to benefit the Xbox players, such as myself. You have to keep in mind, when it comes to MCC, PC is not the main playerbase.

I understand that part, but Halo CE doesn’t even support a true physics engine. Forge could potentially be a huge engine modification or workaround. Same thing for H2C (although H2C uses Havoc for physics IIRC). How would they handle variants when they were never designed too? Forge would be a hard sell when you see how much more powerful the mod tools are.

I mean you can’t really use mod tools as an argument when the majority of people who play, play on Xbox, a platform that doesn’t have access to mod tools. I just want this stuff built into the base game so modders DON’T have to do it and can actually work on grand scale projects of things we’ve never seen in Halo before rather than picking up 343’s slack.

I disagree that implementing a mode for a game it was never designed for and could potentially break the engine is considered picking up 343’s slack. CE and H2C are fine the way they are. They are in more desperate need of netcode bug fixes and parity with their Xbox counter part.

Without hard numbers from Xbox or Windows store you can’t definitively say which platform has more players. Xbox probably has a higher install base, but I reckon the active populations are similar size if the Trueachievements popularity chart is anything to go off of. Mods will probably drive the popularity higher on PC.

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CE lacks the functionality needed for this to be a feature, and would take a major rework of the game just to add and likely cause a ton of issues, so it’s basically never going to happen

This one might be more doable, as iirc early in its life it was being made with it and theatre in mind, but to what extent is unknown, and modifying H2C is pandoras box.

I honestly think this is the most doable. Personally I also think they could just add Halo Online, give it all of Halo 3’s maps, and sell that as a Halo 3 Anniversary multiplayer (could even remove the new cosmetics and bipeds from 3’s multiplayer, and move all the content over to gain a massive influx of good will from the legacy preservationist crowd)

Honestly no to this one. This content should be given as free updates, never sold as paid DLC since selling it is the exact same practice as the Cosmetic MTX, but worse since now it affects actual gameplay content.