Instead of Contract devs bring in some of the modders and other comunity members

343 Instead of having people leaving mid-dev hire the modders and/or comunity members who love halo and making halo content.
I mean have you seen some of the mods SPV3 is like an compleatly new halo game and lets not forget some of the mods Regected Shotgun and Greenknight makes.
Cursed Halo is also note worthy
Don’t get me wrong I love every Halo game but bring in some more people who would acctualy care about the game.
I think this is something that should be in consideration.
Also keep bringing in the the good updates to Halo as a whole.


but…wouldn’t those members be also basically contract developers if they aren’t hired on full time?

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I really hope they tap into the Forge community.

If this new Forge is actually a generational leap - it will be spectacular.

Have a way so that maps and game-types can be spotlighted. Voted on by the community. And then introduced into formal rotation.

eg. If the Season is based around Infection… have a community spotlight where Forgers can create and submit their Infection maps. They can then be voted on and the winner(s) put into rotation. Feedback can be given (including by 343) and the final map(s) added permanently.

If 343 are clever, we can do all the work for them.

And by ‘we’, I obviously mean ‘someone else’.

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343 is already hiring anyways. It just depends on whether they want to or not.