Instead of Body Types, What About a Bodyslide Model?

Since quite a few people are unhappy with the bodsy type selections available, what if rather than having set body types, what if Halo moved onto a more bodyslide style of customisation. I tried to get images from PSO2 as examples but I can’t attach images or links, but if you just Google Image Search “pso2 bodyslide” the first two images are great examples. Of course you wouldn’t be able to change height for the case of hitboxes and having short spartans be an advantage, but this way everyone could have whatever they want and I think it’d satisfy all parties and we’d have a really wide variety of spartan bodies. They may not be able to have them be this complicated, but it’s an idea and I’d love to hear other peoples houghts?

That would be considerably more difficult, and maybe even impossible, to implement correctly.

You can’t just use a body slider and change the size of your body without causing serious distortion to the armour.

It could scale similar to what the armour does in 4 when changing gender.

These kids will still complain when the slider doesn’t go far enough to get the -Yoink!- they’re looking for.

You do realize it scales because… They’re presets? With pre-modeled armour?
idk how you don’t see the difference honestly

You realise games with sliders scale the armour to fit right? You think they keep the armour the same size no matter the slider setting? And no need to be rude.

You just want ( . Y . ) ,its really not that bad atm and there are far more matters that need addressing in terms of customisation

Spartans have never had breasts so I have no idea where you’re getting that from, and I know there’s more important matters such as the XP grind, paywall customisation and controller AA, but doesn’t mean I can’t bring up the idea. I’ve actually said in many posts I’d just like thinner shoulder breadth, thinner waist, thinner arms, and thicker thighs. Try not to just wittle down decent arguements to just “oh you want to specialise them”.

Agreed, something like CBBE BodySlide for Skyrim/Fallout4.

Personally I don’t mind the current bodies, but here are the reasons for their current body design and why it won’t be changed:

  1. no competitive advantage to female body, as same size hitboxes
  2. time/cost effective as only have to fit the armour to one body type instead of multiple
  3. Avoids being targeted/cancelled by the trans movement

Inb4 mod locks this thread like all the others. Doesn’t mean I wouldn’t like Reach models or some sort of scalers. Hitboxes are where the arguments come into play. They are far more likely to add/sell playable Elites, than make more customizable body types.


Well, 3 would still be handled if you could slide individual parts to be more or less slender.
And 2 could be handled by scaling armor with certain sliders, although currently that would distort it- it is possible to create a scaler that would correct for that. Fairly easily I might add.

For the first, since hitboxes are the same the only advantage is not being seen, but I don’t think that’s a problem in this game of highlights and scope flare. Also, since height and head size are the same, it wouldn’t affect it problematically like it did in Reach (which was still only barely)

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Yeah, at this point I set a timer on my phone just waiting for that mod to shut down body type discussion.

However even though I would love a little more variance in body types at the end of the day hitboxes and armor scaling are all notable concerns especially now that we have different armor cores (even though like Yoroi don’t really change at all with body type lol). Having a slider with several levels would be more difficult than just 3 unchangeable body types.

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Honestly with how they changed the system and included armor cores my assumption was that they would give us more body options based on what core you had eg Jorge for male 1 noble 6 for 2 and kat/female noble 6 for 3 if you’re using the reach core

But alas we didn’t get that

Like who wouldn’t want the options to be a top heavy spartan like jorge

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wouldnt be so bad if the three options we had looked different all look exactly the same!


Have to agree somewhat as I can’t tell the difference between option 2 and 3 if someone knows the difference plz tell me


Annnned you’re options are: Spartan!:clap:, Spartan plus 25 pounds!:clap: And Spartan minus 25 pounds!:clap: Alllright, what’s it gonna be?! :clap:


Roughly 20 pounds or so

@TheLegendIs117 was just about to say basically that and you beat me to it, which means many people can’t tell the difference


The waist and legs etc. Are thinner though… so I’m not quite sure what you’re getting at. You do know someone has to actually fit in the suit and not just a skeleton lol.

Most female armor is still the same as Male armor from chest plates to greaves. Yes waists are usually thinner on woman’s but that’s to do with weight distribution which isnt an issue for Spartans. You do have the option for a slimmer model

Or… OR!!! I have this crazy idea. Now hear me out guys. Just give us a male/female toggle!! Brilliant! Genius even! pats myself on the back hire me 343! I’ve got more groundbreaking ideas like, don’t make the gravity hammer a sniper rifle and aiming shouldn’t feel like utter crap. :smiley: