Instant Respawn...

Wow, just wow. What is the point of this? All it will achieve is letting the guy you just killed take you out instantly if he gets a lucky spawn.

How can you play objective if the enemy can only be down for a split second, instead of a full 10?

What an epic fail…

My only and best hope is that they don’t have that option in objective gametypes.

Yeah, I liked many things in the GI. But instant respawn and random weapon spawns were two things I were against.

Good luck effectively pulling a flag if this is in objective gametypes as well.

Worst of all it means the end of t-bagging.

I’m hoping that 343 is still testing settings, and zero respawn time is just one of the things they are testing. As others said, objective games would become impossible :frowning:

> Worst of all it means the end of t-bagging.

Objective based gametypes would have to have respawn delay. It would be impossible to plant/capture anything.