Instant Respawn has got to GO!

So I’ve been playing Halo 4 nonstop for the past 3 days and I’ve started to realize this instant respawn is not working out… It’s impossible to set up on teams and hold a position since you don’t even get 1 second before the person you killed is respawned throwing a nade at you and shooting you because they know exactly where you are.

It’s also extremely annoying killing a sniper and if you even try and go pick up their weapon you are dead since they have insatntly respawned and they are going back for it too. It just takes the fun out of the game… I feel like I’m not rewarded at all for killing anyone. Sure it’s okay for social slayer and games I don’t care about and playing while watching football on the other TV, but competitive play, this is terrible. I have to kill someone 3 times to move up like 10 feet on the map. It just makes this game a lot more chaotic and like CoD since everyone is instantly respawning. It needs to be 5 seconds for slayer, or else its just a giant chaotic mess that honestly… isn’t going to be fun playing after a few months and most likely a lot of players like me, are going to stop playing.

yep join in progress and instant respawn are a complete joke what were they thinking oh i know noob gameplay


oh god the join in progress is ridiculous… I cant tell you how many games i’ve joined losing and why would the game even start if its like 8v4? why not wait for 4 moer players to join…


343 hire me as a consultant and ill make your game the most popular multiplayer game online for the 360 since Halo 3.

100% agree… I can’t tell you how many times I would win or loose a fight just to have one of us spawn, sprint, and pick off the still no shields victor from the previous battle… it’s disgraceful to halo

Join in progress and instant respawn were 2 things I knew wouldn’t be good.

The competitive community predicted this would happen, but nobody listened.

Because of this, competitive players are forced into one playlist again, like in Reach.

I’m hoping this will be fixed before the newness of the game wears off.

Hmm. Well, it can’t be the MINORITY complaining on here about what the MINORITY was complaining about before launch.

343, please don’t listen.

join in progress is fine but instant spawn should be taken out of certain game modes. i have no idea why its not in dominion but is in slayer.

Agree 100%. Does it not bother you all that you don’t get knocked out of zoom when shot at. To me this has taken a lot of skill out of the game.

I like the instant respawn, it makes killing chumps like you faster.

> I like the instant respawn, it makes killing chumps like you faster.

Finally, someone else with some sense.

Instant re-spawn is fine. So is join in progress. In my opinion the matchmaking system in the previous video games was much too rigid and punished casual players who don’t have the time or don’t want to wait for 5 minutes every time for the system to find a “new game”. Yes it is a bit unfortunate when you get dropped into a game you are about to lose, but oh well. It’s just a video game. No one except you cares about those few extra losses on your stats.