Instant Action Option for Halo 4!

We all know that quitters really damage our gaming experience a lot. So I propose an Instant Action option in MM.

What Instant Action Will Do?

Instant Action Will drop anyone who wants a quick game into a game that has lost players due to quitting. This option could be playlist specific or could just drop you into any random game that has lost players due to quitting.

Medals or Bonuses Associated With This MM Option?

If a player is dropped into a losing team and helps them win that player will get a medal or some type of reward like credits if Halo 4 uses the credit system again.

So Just think about this option any please feel free to add about this topic

I am for the idea, but the idea for rewarding someone for doing this should be taken into account and built upon, instead of rewarding said person outright.

I’m all for this.

Can anyone mail me some cashew chicken? I’m really hungry.

I like this idea
We all know how the playlists work atm when were selecting them, A to select. Why not put X for Instant Action for whatever playlist you have highlighted?