Installing disc and dlc

I want to install halo 3 and 4 but ran into some issues that I can’t seem to find in the forums. I put the original halo disc and the only dlc that is on the market is cold storage and mythic II, where is the other ones? I went to manage game but the others don’t appear. I do have the odst multiplayer disc should I just install that?

I also don’t see the map packs for halo 4 which I purchased previously. What am I doing wrong? Thanks.

Try searching in the store! I haven’t found the time to personally verify this, but I’ve heard you can find the map packs in the Xbox store to download, and THEN they should be in the manage game section.

Let me know if that works!

Let’s continue the conversation in an existing thread since this topic will likely be popping up a lot!