Installation 04 Problem

Why are the ODSTs randomly running out and going to the bottom of the towre instead of just staying up top

From what I understand, there have been several complaints regarding the aptitude of the friendly AI. I am unsure if any method exits whereby you can ensure that the reinforcements adopt tactical positions. For the most part, however, the AI appears to act in a manner independent of the player.

So every game the four odsts are on a pre progamed path?

Although the ODST’s respond to the activities of the enemy, they appear to do so in an unimaginative fashion. The (relatively weak) AI likely considers the bottom of the bast to be the most apt position. Therefore, although they are not specifically programmed to take such positions, the AI may instinctively do so nonetheless. Have you experienced this in every game played on Installation 04?

I really think its random.Sometimes One runs all the way down the ramp and into the dirt road or like when others would go down the other corridor ramp.But sometimes they just camp the top.And this is only on the first wave.I already guess that as the rounds progress they travel futher and futher from the tower.