Install gets stuck at 17% no matter what I do.

Ever since the new dlc dropped I haven’t been able to play my game because it gets stuck on 17% Everytime I try to install it, sometimes it says updating and sometimes it says installing. I’ve tried hard resetting my Xbox, I’ve tried resetting my Xbox with the option to delete all profiles and cach but keep my games, and also, every time I delete the game, after I turn my Xbox off and on the game is still in my list like it’s already installed. Even though it won’t let me play it.

Already ongoing thing. Here

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> Already ongoing thing. Here


Just making it easier to reach

This is a known issue and has been investigated by 343 and escalated to the team at Xbox. Looks like Xbox have identified the issue and are working to fix, just a matter of waiting for that to happen. Keep updated with this topic for for more details: