Instalation wait is horrible!

I bought the halo 5 Xbox one bundle and have been installing the game for a little over 10 hours now and I’m only at 25%! I have no hard copy just the code and I have all devices disconnect from my internet except my new Xbox one. Is there any way I can speed the process up?

Buy faster internet. even then you are restricted by the current traffic to the servers. this is whey they started letting people preload weeks ago.

It’s either your internet speed, or the fact that the servers are getting hammered on launch day.

It was tough i have a 100 mbps down… and i still struggled… never-mind the install. Glad i did it a couple days before launch i would have been there all night…

I started it on the 23rd at 9 pm and it didn’t finish until the 25th at 6am

He got the bundle guys, he couldnt pre load. Nothing much can help you besides better internet, just make sure you dont have every device in your house streaming netflix, turn internet access off on what you can and that MIGHT help it trickle a little faster, hope it installs soon i need more n00bs :wink: (Just kiddun)

There must be something up dude, my internet is average and it downloaded it in about 4 hours, but then again I did download it digitally before release lmao

Took a while for me too, even before release. I imagine it’s at its worst right now.