Insider Question

Now that I’m an Insider where do I download Halo Insider on my console to play when the flights are available?

If you are accepted into a flight there will be an email sent out with all the information on how to participate. It’ll tell you how to play.

Ya just gotta wait for now and check your emails

We just wait for an email. Please note that you are not guaranteed in and may even end up not participating in any of them.

Thanks for the info everyone.

they send you the info to your email where and how to download the game: D

be aware that flight’s start date and duration may vary from user to user depending on your availability and your activity during the flight.

The Halo Insider version of MCC should be available for download on your console through the Insider App on your Xbox which I believe anyone can download. As for beginning test flights, check your e-mail frequently.