Insider Invite Via Email, But Not Waypoint?

So I received an email just now stating that I was invited to the flight and to check messages on Waypoint to get directions on how to join. But when I logged in, there was nothing. I’ve been in flights before, but is it possible this was sent out to every Insider profile even if you weren’t invited to this specific flight?

Same issue here. I imagine due to the larger pool of players included it must’ve caused some strain on the invites, gonna hold out I suppose.

It looks like we can still follow the instructions on the Support page to install the flight. Going to uninstall the last flight since it won’t upload. Will let you know how it works out.

And there goes the invite lol. Thanks!

Same problem for me as well

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> Same problem for me as well

Go to the Halo and view the page for instructions on how to join the flight. I did that and am currently updating my version of Halo Insider. As a coincidence, I got my Waypoint invite about five minutes later lol.

I got an invite to the flight but I don’t have any instructions on how to join the flight