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This has probably been said or something similar but I think there should be a playlist specifically made so people in the lobby can enter there maps and choose if they want something like race or minigames for example the game asks you do yo want to submit a game if said yes you will be sent to your local files to choose a map and playlist if not enough players submit a map then the game will randomly choose a handful of community games already built in incase that happens.
Now I know what your thinking “oh great some idiot put in a map and all it says is ha ha” well what if you had to put up a picture of your map and you when you had to put up a proper screenshot of the map and you have to do it while playing it so then they can’t put a picture of a cool map and stick it onto theirs then when you hover over the map the picture come up this would benefit people because there maps would become more popular and matchmaking would never get boring.

I’ve been saying the same thing but the person might pick a bad map that took no time to make

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