Insane sticks?

Stuck a guy through one of the cracks in the pillars on Monolith

A friend of mine got a nasty hail mary stick.

Who else has some crazy plasma sticks?

those are some pretty crazy sticks.

thats when you jump up from your couch and your like this

Sadly, just throwing one randomly into the air or through a man-cannon. Yours are pretty awesome, though.

I got one by randomly tossing a sticky at the beginning of a match on Haven. Sadly, it was on an AFK player, but I’m still proud of it!

I don’t have the footage saved other than the full film, but I stuck someone who was assassinating me and got a show stopper on myself.

Heheh I do indeed have a crazy stick =] I passed a sticky BACK to its sender. How you say? It was on Oddball. Some very very VERY unlucky SOB was trying to stick me since I had the ball. By some supernatural force the grenade got stuck on the BALL. I didn’t even know it happened until I reviewed the vid later. All I knew was that he stuck me and I was trying to throw the ball at him so that he may be thrown off by an unexpected catch. Little did both of us know I just passed his sticky right back at his face! Don’t believe me? Search my gamertag and check my file share. Video should be called “Hot Potato Sticky”