Insane Multiplayer idea

Remake Mombassa street and create a game mode 200vs200 to play in it. Would be awesome.

New amazing engine? Prove it! :slight_smile:

Cant tell if trolling? Or just completely oblivious to game design…

That would be insane

That is insane.

thats a great idea!

Great idea, and I’d love to play it, but its impossible. They wont even give us 16v16. And you think we’ll get 200v200? If anything, by the time the 720 rolls it’s lazy -Yoink- out of bed, we’ll get 16v16.

MAG did 256 players on PS3, but the game sucked and so did the graphics.

Don’t expect anything like this until the next next generation console and hopefully Halo is around to see it through.