Insane installation irritation

Hi, not sure if this is the right place to post, but…

Have been having a NIGHTMARE trying to get halo 5 forge to install on W10.

Have tried every piece of info I can find, two tech support people are baffled, waiting on an elevation now.

The game has used over TWO TERABYTES in one attempt to download, this situation is FUBAR!

Since it has now cost me money for going over my download cap, is there EVER going to be a time where this game will work? Did anyone else have similar issues? How were yours resolved, if at all? Thanks to anyone who can shed some light!

is your windows updated to the latest version? like 2 TB how TF ?

It is up to date.

I am similarly dumbfounded. Never before have I seen such a complete failure of a content delivery system.

Forza Horizon 3 installed fine btw

Bumpy bump, -Yoink!- still hasn’t got back to me after elevation and they did say to ask here for any help I can get. They obviously don’t even know how their own store works.

Not selling me on Forza 7, Halo 6 or anything else on that awful system!

Windows Store really sucks, I’ve had many retries to download it, too.