Input Lag

For those that are still experiencing the heavy aim feeling in Halo 5 and cannot find a comfortable aim sensitivity settings its most likely to do with delay between your Xbox and your TV/Monitor. Been playing alot of custom games on Halo 5 PC recently and the game runs very smooth compared to Xbox. I am using an Xbox Elite Controller with an Asus MG279q 1440p 144hz Gaming monitor. For whatever reason their is alot of input lag when playing on xbox One but virtually none on Halo 5 Forge (Windows 10). Not sure why this is but its actually a huge piss off and i dont think theirs is a fix for this other then dropping $$$ on a new monitor with better console compatability like one of those super low response time Benqs. I did not think i would run into this problem as the monitor i have has a 5ms response time which should be good enough for fps games. Still though, the game runs very choppy making it almost unplayable. On another note MCC runs much smoother then Halo 5 on the monitor i am using so i am not exactly sure if this has something to do with the game itself or just simply input lag.

just get a high speed usb and it will make the input speed significantly shorter, I use the wire that came with the elite controller and the input speed is noticeably shorter, also, put your monitor/tv on “game” mode, this makes the input lag less noticeable

^ he’s got the right idea