Input lag, why isn't there actual fullscreen mode?

I want to be clear this is a great game so far! Keep up the good work.
my problem so far has only been with input lag!
The game doesn’t actually run in real fullscreen right now for PC. Idk how you guys are going to test peoples specs if we aren’t able to play in just plain old full screen. (not borderless)
The only noticeable lag is with leading shots with the pistol and other precision weapons.
I like the direction it’s going.
I wanna be able to use the grappling hook from farther ranges or at least have a clear indicator that you can’t use it from that distance. The indicator is to small and flat color wise.

I agree we need a fullscreen option for sure. I have also been having issues with Infinite not utilizing my CPU and GPU to their fullest potential. Feel like thats the root of most peoples performance issues with this beta.

I have that same problem. I’ve got an RTX 3070 and I7 6700k- I was only getting like 53 FPS on Ultra