Input Lag Online Campaign/Spartan Ops

Every time I try to play the campaign or Spartan Ops online whoever isn’t hosting the game gets horrible input lag. (press forward on joystick…1-2 seconds later chief moves forward) I never had this problem with any of the Bungie halo games. Online worked perfectly, But with Anniversary and Halo 4 it’s almost rendered unplayable for me and my friends. It was so bad I just stopped playing the campaign until hopefully the issue would be resolved by the mass amount of people on the servers when the game came out, dwindling to what it is now. But Alas, the problem persists. All of my friends have wired their connections to hopefully solve the problem and I’ve tried playing with different friends as well. I know the problem isn’t on my end because I’m using a T1 line with a wired connection.

It’s just a shame because I really want to be able to enjoy Spartan Ops with my friends. The Campaign I’ll just finish on my own. Is this just me or are other people having the same problem with both halo 4 and halo anniversary and if other people are having the same problem, has 343 industries addressed it?

I had it in Reach Firefight, i don’t have it in Halo 4 Campaign/Spartan Ops or it’s very little. You probably just got an international host?

We all live in the States. Some of us live within a mile from each other. And from what I have gathered the campaign and spartan ops both use P2P hosting while war games has dedicated servers or something different along those lines.

Almost (above)

Wargames can go out of sync (lag) from the host but you dont really notice it unless its really bad, most is done by your client.

Campaign (firefight and spartan ops included) has to sync with all players so will run at the slowest connections speed.

So is there anything that we can do to fix the problem or is it just how 343 programmed the game?

Edit: And have they addressed any kind of fix for it or am I S.O.L.

My Halo 4 Host/Lag Guide Montage is finally up. I spent a LONG time on this video, so please leave a like & a comment telling me what you think! (note: watch with earphones before commenting on audio)