Input lag (AGAIN!) on Halo Anniversary

Hey everyone,

Both myself and my co-op partner are (yet again) experiencing input lag, if I’m the host then they get the lag and vice versa.
Everything was absolutely fine yesterday, no hints of lag or any types of latency, things were running as smooth as butter.

Fast forward to today and it’s laggy, the menu countdown takes about twice as long to count down, then in-game the rate of fire for the assault rifle is about 75% of what it should be. Enemies run around a little slower etc. the only thing that is smooth is the aim. Every other game we’ve played together has been absolutely fine, except for Halo Reach and now Halo Anniversary.

We were super happy that the first game ran great… the first two times we played it. We fired it up today and it’s Halo Reach on PC all over again with the input lag.

We would rather not have to resort to running with the anticheat off, through Hamachi. That was a PITA before.

Is there ANY acknowlegements of connection lag for co-op? Any updates? “it’s been worked on”? etc.