Input Based Matchmaking Required Asap

In Mcc PC it’s been frustrating recently to play against the guys with controller. They got unfair advantage over us and in most matches ruins our games. We play in 100 + latency where they at 20-25 and got “aim-assist”. And also use abusive language in chat.
I find these guys most in h3 and least in h:reach.
And best way to identify them is getting someone who got 25 or near kills and 5 or 6 deaths… Go to his career and see if halo 4 is played by them or not.
And if you tell me that go and get xbox one / controller etc. You are noob etc. You may. Bcz that reflects your family culture.
In my country most people doesn’t even know what console is.
Sorry, but it was frustrating after seeing those abusive guys.
Please don’t get offended, I’m just frustrated over those people.

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Just because someone goes 25-6 doesn’t mean they are using a controller and you’d actually be surprised that most people on PC don’t use a controller. Sure there is slight assist for controller, but mouse has better aim and movement all around. Both have there advantages and disadvantages. If you think you are losing because someone may be using a controller then pick up a controller and try it . input matchmaking isn’t going to make you any better at the game and they’ve already said it’s being worked on.

It’s gonna be real funny continuing to see people complain about losing once they do implement it.

Please read the latest MCC Dev Blog for info on things like input based selection. Also let’s avoid insulting other people’s families along the way.