Innovative or Gimmick. Survey.

Lets play a game. Take a survey. I give new things that have been added to Halo over the years.

Then you say wether it’s a Gimmick, or an Innovative idea.

Online Play

Duel Wielding


Playable Elites

Arbiter Campaign

Map DLC packs




Online COOP

Armor Abilities

Load Outs

Armor Effects

Bring Back The Pistol


Which ones are gimx, which ones be ino’s.

Also did I forget anything?

  1. Innovative
  2. Innovative
  3. Innovative
  4. Gimmick
  5. Innovative
  6. Innovative
  7. Gimmick
  8. Innovative
  9. Innovative
  10. Innovative
  11. Gimmick
  12. Gimmick
  13. Gimmick
  14. Gimmick (but still enjoyed)

You should also include:

Bloom, DMR, BR, Credits, Armory, sprint (referring to h4), firefight. Those are just a few off the top of my head.

Online Play - Innovative

Dual Wielding - Innovative but done poorly

Boarding - Innovative

Playable Elites - I don’t see how it matters

Arbiter Campaign - Still doesn’t matter but Innovative in a way, lets you see the other side of things.

Map DLC packs - Money grab

Equipment - Gimmick

Forge - Innovative

Theater - Innovative

Online COOP - Innovative I guess

Armor Abilities - Gimmick

Load Outs - Gimmick

Armor Effects - (Are you referring to things like inclement weather)? Pointless? Gimmick or what we’ve heard about H4? Gimmick.

Bring Back The Pistol - Wut?

Online Play - innovative

Duel Wielding - innovative

Boarding - innovative

Playable Elites - gimmick

Arbiter Campaign - innovative

Map DLC packs - money

Equipment - gimmick

Forge - innovative

Theater - innovative

Online COOP - innovative

Armor Abilities - gimmick

Load Outs - gimmick

Armor Effects - gimmick

Bring Back The Pistol - neither, depends on balance

1:Online Play: Innovative for the Xbox. But online play already existed before Halo 2.

2:Duel Wielding: Innovative.

3:Boarding: Innovative.

4:Playable Elites: Innovative.

5:Arbiter Campaign: Innovative.

6:Map DLC packs: Money.

7:Equipment: Gimmick.

8:Forge: Gimmick.

9:Theater: Gimmick.

10:Online COOP: Innovative.

12:Armor Abilities: Gimmick.

13:Load Outs: Innovative.

14:Armor Effects: Major Gimmick.

15:Bring Back The Pistol: Gimmick.

Online Play-Innovative

Duel Wielding- Innovative

Boarding- Innovative

Playable Elites- Gimmicky but cool

Arbiter Campaign- Cool; it i can’t place it as a gimmick or as an innovation as it is neither. I am one the very few people who loved the Arbiter side of things; it’s not appreciated enough.

Map DLC packs- Gimmick?

Equipment- Gimmicky but useful and not too OP. Unlike AAs.

Forge-Innovative as far as consoles shooters go.


Online COOP- Innovative

Armor Abilities- Major gimmicks; total garbage

Load Outs- Look at the above

Armor Effects- gimmicky but some are okay i guess. They contribute to lag though.

Bring Back The Pistol- gimmicky but fun

Online Play - Good

Duel Wielding - Potentially good

Boarding - Good

Playable Elites - Gimmick

Arbiter Campaign - Good

Map DLC packs - Good

Equipment - Gimmick

Forge - Good

Theater - Good

Online COOP - Good

Armor Abilities - Gimmick

Load Outs - Gimmick

Armor Effects - Gimmick

Bring Back The Pistol - Potentially good

I didn’t say innovation for a good reason. True innovation is something no one else has ever done before. Of course I could’ve classified the few innovations the list included, but I already had the extra classification of potentially good which means it currently is a gimmick, but could work.