Innovative Clan Ranking System

I posted this as a part of my previous post that talked about the Halo 5 ranking system in general. everybody just focused on the progressive and skill ranks but no one really commented on the clan rank. anyway let me kno what you think!!

Clans are something that Halo has never really implemented properly into their games. Halo2 had it but it really never served any purpose, it was just there. I feel it should work kind of similar to Reach’s arena ranking system. Every month will be a season and after every season it will be a fresh start. Ok once a group of people makes their clan (Max amount of players: 8, Min amount of players: 4) they will have to play at least 8 games. After each game they will receive a rank as a team based on how well they performed. The rank will be based on whether or not they won, how much they won by, how fast they won, and whatever other things 343 can think of. After you finish 8 games you will be placed in one of 6 divisions based on your clan’s average rank: tin (you get this rank for just entering), bronze (top 75%), silver (top 50%), gold (top 25%), onyx (top 10%), and forerunner (top 3%). Once you are placed it will be a battle to either stay in your division or to move up a division. It will work in a leaderboard fashion, and it will be displayed on waypoint. It will show what division you were placed in (what division your in will also be displayed in-game with a little emblem next to your clan’s name) and a point total next to your clan’s name. This point total will determine how close you are to moving up a division and will also determine which clans the game will try to match you up against.

So for example you play 8 games and you are placed in silver division. Once in silver division you will be given a number on the leaderboard of 50. Everyone placed in silver starts with a 50 point total, and everyone in gold starts with a 75 point total. After each game you win your clan will be awarded 3 points for winning and after each loss will be subtracted 2 points. Let’s say the person at the bottom of the gold division (who has 75 points) never plays again after being placed. Once your clan which was in silver division wins enough games and surpasses 75 points you will knock that person out of Gold into silver and replace them. Obviously based on this it will be extremely difficult to jump from bronze to forerunner. Since being placed in bronze would only start you off with 25 points and you would need 125 points to get forerunner. Also the people in diamond will be winning and adding to that 125 base point total meaning by the end of the season the lowest team in forerunner could have as much as 200 points. The clan will be 4v4, and objective and slayer game types. Also you will only be able to input wins and losses as a clan on the weekends (Friday to Sunday night). This will stop people who have all the time in the world, no job no school, no responsibilities, from having a huge advantage over people who do not have all that time to play. At the end of the month whatever division you end up in will determine your prize. And each prize will be unique per season and won’t be offered again after that season. So maybe season one will give you a chest plate representing the division you placed in (gold chest plate, onyx chest plate etc.). Also you can only be in one clan per season (no clan hopping). If you’re in a clan but haven’t participated in any of the games, at any point in time (during the season) you can still contribute to the clan rank. If you enter late (as a clan) you will be given the base amount of points awarded for the division (50 for silver 75 for gold etc.). So there will be an advantage to entering the season as soon as it starts. I feel like this system can be expanded on and really bring that addictave competitive feeling back that we’ve been missing since Halo3.