Inner/Outer Deadzone Issue

I was very excited for the Inner and Outer Deadzone option but test after test has showed its broken. It might justbbe broken for those using higher sensitivities or atleast much more noticeable to them.

Inner Deadzone after my personal testing works the way it claims too but the issue I have found with it is that the Outer and inner deadzones work against each other and not independently. What I mean by this is that if you lower the inner Deadzone it will also pull the Outer Deadzone in the same amount, but you don’t know this until you test it. If you raise the inner Deadzone it will push out the Outer Deadzone as well. What would have been nicer and easier to control is if when lowering the inner Deadzone it didn’t have any effect on the Outer Deadzone at all. It would be dependent only on themselves.

My understanding of the Outer Deadzone was that the smaller the percentage the closer to the furthest outside edge of the joystick Aim Acceleration would start. What I want to happen is as soon as my joystick hits the plastic (known as pegging) then and only then would the Aim Acceleration kick in! I should have been able to accomplish this by setting the Outer Deadzone to 0% but that’s not the case at all. No matter if you put the Outer Deadzone to 0% or 15% it won’t move the location of where aim acceleration starts (maybe this is only an issue found more in higher sensitivities?). Could you please look into this issue or give us a larger range of percentages so that I can accomplish moving the start of aim Acceleration to the very farthest part of the joysticks range.

I’m simply trying to just give myself the most aiming space on my joystick as possible. With being a super high sensitivity guy I need to have as much of the joystick available in order to aim and only when I hit the plastic and only then will I turn fast. With your aim acceleration/velocity jump occurring earlier than any other Halo this really effects high sensitivity players more than the lower sensitivity guys.

My current setup:
Sensitivity: 10
Inner Deadzone: 12% (Default)
Outer Deadzone: 0%
Aim Accel: 1
Button Layout: Recon