Inner and Outer Dead Zone Settings

Anyone play with these settings yet? i know that beta aim acceleration is 2 as opposed to 3…but has anyone noticed a big difference with the inner and outer dead zones?

Aim acceleration was 2 in the beta, not look sensitivity.

I changed my aim acceleration to 2 and Inner deadzone to 0%. Default Inner deadzones is 12%. It feels SO MUCH BETTER. I havent touched Outer deadzones yet. If anyone has a problem with deadzones these new options should help. I still suck with Sniper though lol.

Unless you have controller drift (most likely you don’t) drop the Inner Deadzone to 0%
If you want to aim like in the Halo 5 Beta (which was generally more enjoyable to aim in) drop the Aim Acceleration to “2”

These two changes once you get used to them makes aiming more fluid and enjoyable.
I haven’t fiddled with Outer Deadzones yet…

I’m confuzzled. What are dead zones?

Thanks for fixing this 343. My main drama was the inner dead zone. I’m really surprised 343 said it was the same as previous halo games. For me it needs to be about 8% or less to feel like the other halo games. Either way I’m glad they gave us the control. Everyone can have the experience they want.