Initial gameplay feedback

After getting a few hours under my belt, I have some concrete suggestions about Halo: Infinite’s gameplay that I would like to share.

  • The point system. As is, it’s a static 100 points for a kill and 50 for an assist. What if points were based on the percentage of damage done to the enemy killed in question? Example: if a player does 85% of the damage and another player finishes off the enemy by doing 15%, shouldn’t the assist get 85 points and the kill get 15 points? The guy doing the assist did more work, but in the current system, gets less rewarded. I just think it’s a more logical approach to points, irrespective of who gets the kill or the assist. - I miss Thruster as an innate ability. I realize it’s an optional equipment choice that will make it into the final release, but honestly, the game feels slower without it. Thrust + slide made for great advanced movement and it being gone is a bummer. Thruster also made for a nice counter to power weapons without diminishing their effectiveness: a skilled player would know where to go and when and fight back with good ole aim. Since Sprint is really nerfed now, only increasing the player speed by 1 m/s more rather than the 3 m/s it used to, I really wouldn’t mind swapping it out for the Thruster. Just imagine the cool things one could do with Grapple Hook + Thruster. - Game modes with loadouts. Would you consider game modes where the equipment was selectable via a Reach or 4 style loadout page? No different weapon choices; just options to have the Grapple Hook, Deployable Cover or Repulsor. I understand the ideology behind a true arena style system where you have to scavenge for equipment like weapons, but I was thinking having at least 1 set of equipment when you spawn would be nice so if you’re being dominated by the enemy team, you at least have a chance. Besides, if you use the equipment, it doesn’t regen so you have to go scavenging again anyway. These are just some preliminary thoughts. I hope you consider them. Thank you.