Inifinty Challenge Spartan Ops Idlers

It looks like there is an increase in the number AFK/idle players in Spartan Ops since last week and they are not working towards XP but for the Infinity Challenge.

My recommendation is to get all active players quit on the AFK/idle player so they don’t get either XP or increase the completed games for the challenge.

Unlike in Reach where there is a time limit which would end a Firefight session the idle player would still get a completed game and cR, in Halo 4 they can’t complete a session without active players in the chapter.

So don’t play for them, just leave that game and make sure to tell the other players to leave.

Wont leaving them count against you for quitting games though ?

I would lmao/cry if an AFK player won to appear in the future Halo title.

Loves the game so much, but doesn’t play the game?