Ingame Req Station Favorites

This suggestion is for the developers.

When you open the Req Station during the game, there is a lot of stuff to choose (about 300 reqs), and many times there is not much time. I mean you have to choose between;

16 assault rifles
35 battle rifles
28 DMRs
27 SMGs
14 armor mods
99 power weapons
75 vehicles
12 power ups

  • others

So if there would be a favorites section just below the “REQ STATION” headline and above the reqs, it would be a lot faster to choose the req you want and you could save some of those soo valuable seconds. For example, there could be 5-10 your favorite reqs and they could be always visible on top when entering to Req Station (no navigation tabs). The favorites could be edited in the customization section.

Of course the in-game situation is often different and you want to choose best suited req to the situation, but still, I think we all have favorite reqs to the general situations. Also, you don´t have to use this feature if you don´t need it, but I think many times you would if it would be possible.