Info on Loadouts?

I’m a bit behind on halo 4 info, but i see that you can customize classes now.
How exactly will this work?

You get to choose from:
Primary weapon
Secondary weapon
Armor ability
Support upgrade
Tactical package

You unlock different things as you rank up. To see a full list of everything you can unlock, go here.

your not just a bit behind. your about 7-8 months behind :confused:

Well, most playlists will now allow players to use custom loadouts. These will consist of the following:

-Primary weapon
-secondary weapon
-starting grenade
-armor ability
-tactical package
-support upgrade.

Your primary weapons will be the standard AR, BR, DMR, carbine, light rifle, suppressor and storm rifle. not very strong weapons, but decent enough to start with. Secondaries will be the magnum(6 shot kill+scope), Plasma pistol(highly decreased tracking from previous games) and the new boltshot(like the magnum, but no scope and can be charged up to fire like a small shotgun). Grenades will be the Frag, plasma, and pulse grenade(basically a weaker energy drain from halo 3).

Armor abilities are promethean vision(see enemies through walls), thrusterpack(basically balanced evade), jetpack, hardlight shield(like a jackal shield. defends in 1 direction for very short time)active camo, hologram, regen field(like halo 3, but weaker) and auto sentry(very weak turret, long recharge time and rarely can kill).

tactical packages and support upgrade are like a much weaker and more balanced(overall) version of perks from COD. tactical packages can more or less make you more effective in combat(faster shield recharge, spawning with 2 primary weapons, looting grenades off of corpses, etc) and support upgrades give you a slight advantange that don’t necessarily aid you in a fight(unlimited sprint, motion tracker while zoomed in, more sensitive radar). Most people who have played so far have said that their effect is barely visible, if at all, and you can’t just pick out a player and know what they are using.

You unlock all of these things slowly as you level up, as well as armor and skins.