Ravenger: Secondary fire
The secondary fire on the ravenger is just not worth using, It overloads the weapon causing you to go into a stunned state, does not kill target if it lands directly and the DOT is not really useful with how weak it is. suggestion are as follows:

  • Fully charged shots kill on direct hit - Increase the time to kill of the DOT to 1.7s - or Allow for the secondary fire to be fired twice before overheating - or Allow for the DOT to stackPlasma Carbine:
    This gun is horribly inconsistent even at it’s “intended” range as a mid range weapon, the projectiles of the weapon travel incredibly slowly that the small amount of tracking the gun offers doesn’t offset the negatives of the gun. suggestion:

  • Increase projectile speed by 3-5%Needler:
    The needler isn’t bad but it’s effectives on moving targets is pretty lacking, I would implore you to looks at training drill 2 (which is much harder then 3 btw)to see what I mean The suggestion:

  • change the trajectory of the bolts leaving the gun to be more ahead of the targeted player - potentially increase projectile speed 2-3%Wasp:
    Haven’t tried the wasp myself but looking at all the talks about how weak vehicles feel in BTB I suggest:

  • Giving the wasp back it’s energy shield.

  • No clipping inside the body caused by sliding or using the grapplehook - I believe there a weird pinning sound when doing the BR training drillsQuality Of Life:

  • Challenges should give some sort of indication once finished in-match. - Maybe some increase sound notification of shots landing?Challenge based progression concerns:
    The problem that can arise with this type of system can shame players for trying to be efficient with completing them, If objective game types are grouped into a single playlist people can quit because they don’t need the game type being played at the time. Similarly getting kills with X gun challenges can cause a similar issue due to how maps have instance gun rotation’s meaning the gun was replaced by another on the map. so hopefully the game modes are well established to accommodate such challenges to avoid such problems and maybe on the weapons standpoint allowing lobbies to preview the map being entered and weekly updates on waypoint can include map weapon rotations for that week to give people information on what’s on the map at their time of playing and maybe swap the challenge to accommodate.

Yes, with some yes and with a dash of yes. Ravager alt fire is slower than the gravity hammer, to the point where I think of using it and then say “but just shooting them would be easier and more effective.” But I would be surprised if the Wasp lost it’s energy shield, that’s part of what made it so effective in 5.