Infinity Slayer/Slayer Pro issues

I have a problem with the way Slayer Pro and Infinity Slayer are in the same playlist. I want to play team-based Slayer, but Big Team is sometimes too big for my taste if I don’t feel like playing on a map with vehicles. I really hate Slayer Pro (even the name sounds like only “skilled” people play it and regular slayer is for noobs) because I always want to be able to use my own load outs. When people vote for Slayer Pro, or Slayer Pro is for all three options, then I instantly want to leave the game. I’m not a quitter and I don’t want to be banned because the only playlist I want to play has my most hated game type on it. Slayer Pro should be a separate and distinct playlist from Infinity Slayer. Please help me so I won’t have to quit games and get banned! Does anyone else think they should be separate?

Maybe you should leave your feedback at the Infinity Slayer Feedback Thread-Click Here

Yes, without a doubt they should be seperate. Slayer Pro should be Throwdown only. But there needs to be a classic slayer version also. Where this would fit in I’m unsure at this point. If it would have been around at the start maybe 343 could have collected enough data to determine if it belongs with I. Slayer or deserves it’s own playlist. At this point with the pop. the way it is I don’t feel adding “Legendary Slayer” will provide an accurate account of what people want. Just another case of “too little, too late.” with these guys.