Infinity Slayer Needs to Be 5v5

Does anyone else think this should be 5v5 and not 4v4? I just feel like 4v4 is more competitive and should be kept for playlists like Team Slayer Pro and the coming MLG playlist. 5v5 is more casual. It would definitely make playing with friends more fun as I always seem to have more than 4 in a party.

Take a second and reflect on how fast you die on Haven with two or three people shooting at you.

I’ll let that sink in.

@Giddes Disable instant respawn. They have tools at their disposal to make things work. If instant respawn is just loved by everyone abroad, make a 5v5 playlist. They did it in Reach and it was good.

And personally I know about those situations [being shot by a group of people]. Solution: you, too, must run with a group of people. This is easily solved by better team work. Running solo doesn’t always work in a team game and it shouldn’t. Going solo is what FFA is for.