Infinity Playlist

Okay, so in the most recent update they replaced Team Snipers with —, when will they just expand the playlist so we can have all of our glorious gametypes?
They should also make a version of BTB where there are objectives.
I miss having a whole team of eight try and capture a flag while a whole other team of eight defends, or hell, I miss when both teams are trying to place a bomb in the others base.
I’m just saying we need more objectives in BTB rather then a ton of killing.

Cause apparently we like paying for a game that gets slowly drip fed to us over time.

Agree with OP.

Please please please… hell pretty please with a cherry on top, give us a proper BTB playlist.

i think they have taken too much from reach slowly unlocking levels as the community did stuff. now there like we have given everyone hats that will let us slowly give them one new mode every few weeks. i only really play the other modes to chill out so it doesn’t really bother me, but i would like to seem some variants. deffy community made maps playlist

They need to do this so we can all have what we want. They’re testing what new things the community likes/dislikes.

I think eventually, they’ll put a ‘Team Slayer’ with both classic (Team Slayer Pro) and Infinity Slayer. Then, they need to put Big Team Slayer (Classic and Infinity) and Big Team Objectives (CTF, Bomb, etc.) And then Team Objectives (5v5 Oddball, KOTH, CTF, etc.) and Team ‘Random’ or something, for the stuff not many people like, such as Team Snipers, or maybe Fiesta Slayer.

Flood COULD survive as its own game mode, but it needs better maps and spawns, and a damn better system. Where did the 1 kill headshot of Infection go? Nowhere. What the heck. Shotgun is useless against their thrusters, which bring them halfway across the map. Just make a Classic infection, where they only have Sprint and no AA’s. And forged maps. That aren’t crap.

SWAT can survive alone. The stats are proof enough.

And we NEED a competitive playlist! Maybe link it to the MLG site, so they can track stats there!

I don’t get why they even rotate the playlists. Can anyone explain it to me? Seriously.

Exactly, I couldn’t have said it better myself.