Infinity location

Ok so I was watching a video on YouTube and the guy says how you can see the Guardan crashed on the ring in the distance and how surely it will be part of the expansion. I never even noticed it until later I was up super high and was looking and saw it.

In the video he said nobody knows where the Infinity is and to be honest I was in a hurry to listen to all the logs but I did see the Infinity or what to me looks like the Infinity to the right of the Guardian.

That can’t be a secret at this point but how can you see the Guardian and miss that ship, it’s so big and at first I was moving the direction back and forth to be sure and I took screens and I’m convinced it’s there.

I am 100% sure lots of players here know what I’m talking about and can confirm it and I am late on this but I am low on free time to read and play.

Any info is appreciated and thanks.

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While it is possible, it could also very well be just another of the Mulsanne-class Frigates that was sent ahead of the Infinity to scout the Halo ring and it’s surroundings. I think this answer will be revealed in time, as will what happened to Infinity’s Crew (including Bridge Crew), Spartan Fireteams (besides Fireteams Taurus and Windfall) and ODST complement, who are all seemingly not present in the Campaign, aside from features in audio logs.

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Ah ok. I was convinced it was the Infinity because of how huge it is next to the Guardian. I looked at its profile compared and it seemed to match up.

I would only think it because it’s so far away and huge and didn’t think they’d put another ship in full view in one piece.

I was gonna post a photo but likely everyone has seen it by now and I can’t post a photo :rofl:

I saw some dude on Twitter post about it but it became quickly apparent that it was just part of the ring.

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Came to say this, the portion in question to the right of the Guardian is a portion of the outer wall of the ring.

Hmm I wish I could post a screenshot I took from the game because it does not look like a piece of the ring at all. It looks like a ship silhouette for certain as I looked at it from different angles and times of day.

I could be wrong but it definitely doesn’t look like a part of the ring at all.

I went back to look and the issue I have is it’s straight across the top unlike 100% of all the other pieces which makes no graphical sense. Just to be sure, I’m not talking about just to the right, this is a good distance to the right of the guardian.

Oh well it looked odd, unlike the rest.

All broken pieces have mountainous tops and flat sides where the hexagon pieces broke apart.

This piece is opposite with a long flat top and then the sides are not flat, looks very very similar to the Infinity from the profile.

It stands out because it’s completely different from every other piece.

I guess we will find out one day :joy: I don’t mind being wrong.

Wish I could post a screenshot.

Not sure but could be anywhere since the ring is pretty big and as far as I can tell there’s still a lot more of the ring to explore and I suspect that’ll be the case when Halo Infinite’s dlc campaign happens since there are way too many unknown’s and too many unanswered questions.

Plus based on the ‘audio’ logs it sounds like it’s probably either in tons of pieces or scattered across the ring. I’m not really why the tutorial seems to think the Infinity is missing unless the Infinite was severely damaged then stolen by the Banished since that would gain the Banished a major victory over Earth and it fits with what they’ve been doing with scavenged tech.

Come to think of it the logs show people on the ground that escaped the ship and Halopedia says “presumed destroyed”. :thinking:

Ok so I was over there today and was just using my Sniper and so my final thought is this.

The object does not look like or resemble ANY of the other broken pieces at all. It is completely different with a flat top and only what I can describe as broken and uneven sides.

100% of all other pieces have mountains and hexagons. This part has neither.

It looks like the same shape as the Infinity however after looking at both sides it more appears to likely ge part of the Infinity and not the whole ship and it has damage in the middle area. You can see the PLANETS sky through the holes indicating it is in fact resting within the ring and NOT and pice of the ring itself.

Go look at the details I am posting and you will have a hard time believing it’s part of the ring. It looks absolutely nothing like the rng and more like part of the Infinity.

It would make much more sense for it to be that then anything else.

Thanks and I can respect those that think it is nothing but is doesn’t look like nothing.

Not sure. Couldn’t those just be parts of the big ships from within Infinity? I kind of feel like Infinity would be the sort of thing the Banished would cripple then fix then use as their own stronghold since it would be a trophy to them.

Based on the amount of ships lost in space…it makes me wonder how many ships were destroyed or taken over since the Banished don’t seem to destroy things entirely since they tend to focus more on scavenging. A lot of the ships I’ve seen look too small to be like the ‘Pillar of autumn’ and the ships in the far distance don’t look too big but that could be a perspective thing.

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